Matrx Processing

Unmatched Transcoding Speed.

Matrx Encoding is designed for highly-distributed encoding workloads for professional codecs and formats.

Reduce labor costs and minimize turn-around time with the fastest available transcode cluster on a modern production budget.

Camera RAW
ProRes and DNxHD/HR
GPU Acceleration

Color-Critical Sync Dailies

Rely on The Matrx for long format, episodic, and commercial dailies processing.

Dailies can be accessed directly by an Editor's workstation through accelerated transfer, or extracted and delivered on a physical drive.

Web proxies can be reviewed online by Producers, Directors, and Cinematographers on the same day, complete with timecode and metadata burn-ins.

Industry-leading Avid Media Encoding Speed

The Matrx has the world's fastest Avid Media transcode cluster.

No more waiting for progress bars on your Avid workstations.

Reduce labor costs and minimize turn-around time with edit-ready media, regardless of original camera format.

Full support for Raw Formats

The Matrx Cluster supports ARRIRAW, REDCODE R3D,  Cinema DNG, Phantom CINE, and more. Dailies are encoded with embedded color metadata or LUTs from set.

In addition, we fully support +8K resolutions, Log, and WCG acquisition codecs and formats.

Simple, Guaranteed Conform

Editorial Media processed by The Matrx contains all the metadata necessary to guarantee simple, same-day delivery of your full resolution media to your finishing facility.

Move quickly and confidently after picture lock, knowing you can rely on a frame accurate conform every time.

Camera original media can be delivered for finishing via an Accelerated Transfer, or by Extraction on a physical drive.

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