Matrx File Transfer

Move data in and out of your Matrx Portal using 100% of your available bandwidth.

The Matrx provides users with the ability to enable accelerated data transfer to and from their Matrx Portal without having to call their IT department.

Matrx Operators are experts in TCP/UDP acceleration technologies, and will make sure that you're using the right tool for the job.

Already licensed an on-premise acceleration technology? We'll be happy to connect your account to your current solution.

Matrx Injection/Extraction38 minutes

Matrx File Transfer 2 hours

Cloud GET/PUT 18 hours

FTP or SFTP Upload 36 hours

Data Transfer Durations for 1 TB (1000 GB)

Vendor Neutral

Matrx Injection & Extraction

When you have hundreds of GBs or TBs of content you need online now, and no time or bandwidth for an accelerated transfer, you can order an Injection or Extraction to move content to and from your Matrx Portal using a physical hard drive.

How it works: After ordering an Injection or Extraction, The Matrx will provide you with a Matrx Drive. Matrx Drives have a USB 3 interface, they are always solid state (SSD), and allow you to copy media at up to 500MBps, per drive.

Matrx Drives work with both Mac and PC and are often supplied free of charge.

Injection and Extraction services are available in all Matrx locations around the world.

If you don't see your city on the list, please contact us. We often have a local partner that can assist with Injection and Extraction.





24/7 Support

Unlimited File Size

Matrx Edge Connect

If you need to move your camera original media from set to the cloud each day, you'll need a Matrx Edge Connect appliance. We'll install an Edge Connect device as close to set as possible.

The Edge Connect appliance will allow you to complete Injections or Extractions as often as you like, moving unlimited amounts of media to and from your Matrx Portal.

How it works: After order your Edge Connect, we handle every aspect of cross-connecting the Edge Connect appliance with our network. This provides a direct path for your data to travel from the device to your Matrx Portal. We rely on Matrx Drives, just like a regular Injection/Extraction process, to pass your day of shoot data to the cloud at the fastest possible speed.

Some of the most advanced production workflows in the world rely on Matrx Edge Connect. See how they are using this premier data delivery service.


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