Matrx Storage

No compression. No compromise.

Matrx Storage is the foundation of our Private Cloud built specifically for the Media and Entertainment Production Community.

Single Tier Storage

Private Cloud

No compression, no compromise.
Is it hot or is it cold? Your media is always available when you need it.


Unlimited Capacity.
Extreme Speed.

We'll always have room for your incoming data, which is directly accessible by the Matrx Transcode Cluster as soon as it arrives for rapid processing.



You don't need an entire IT department to manage failing equipment, scale, provisioning or permissions.

Unlimited Storage Capacity
Global Collaboration
Accelerated Access

Your New Digital Vault

Everything stored in your Matrx Portal lives on our highly-available, replicated, secure, purpose-built storage clusters.

You never need to consider whether or not your data is safe, or think about migrating data between tiers of availability, redundancy, or speed.

Our single tier offering allows all data to be extracted in an instant, or handed to the Matrx Transcoded Cluster for processing, whether it's a 300GB UHD Master or a 100K file image-sequence.

Matrx LTO Archive

Access to industry standard LTO Archive is available at the click of a button for any asset stored in your Matrx Portal.

Avoid vendor lock: We use LTFS so you can restore or write to your tapes on your own.

We verify that the data on tape matches the hashes from set, while keeping proxies available for you in the future.

Need to offload your assets to a third-party cloud? No problem, we can help you do that.

Need to restore a Matrx LTO from 3 years ago? No problem - and it's free!

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