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Make working from home easy and safe.

People working in film and television are facing unique challenges around the globe. Productions have halted, and post facilities are closing their doors on a temporary basis to keep everyone safe.

Our tools make it easy to keep working wherever you are - all you need is a decent Internet connection and your Matrx login. We are here to help, our team is available 24/7 for support and setup.

Quickly enable working from home.

Upload large media assets into Matrx

Matrx makes it easy to upload massive amounts of data. Uploading is a one time cost of $0.12/GB.


Unlimited download

Once the files are in Matrx, you can download them anywhere, as much as you want, at no additional cost.

Offload heavy lifting

Generate dailies, order closed captioning, and more. Offload tedious work so that you can focus on creative.


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